Beijing Life Coach Training Courses, Workshops and Certifications

Our exclusive Life Strategies Coach Training Program in Beijing China differs from traditional "cheer leading" content-driven formats commonly used by most coaches. If you have ever heard "be proactive," "be happy," "just do it," and have felt frustrated due to the lack of results, the Spencer Institute's Life Strategies Coach Training is for you. You will learn our special context-driven approach to effective life coaching, ?which answers the questions HOW TO: "be proactive, be happy, and just do it" consistently! How to Become a certified Coach In recent years, the demand for life coaching has soared. With famous celebrities and top business owners crediting their life coach for helping them to succeed, it is little wonder that so many people want to learn how to become a life coach. But not everyone can do well as a life coach. The top life coaches take the best training courses to improve their skills. They have a genuine desire to help others, and a determination to reach the top of their profession. These are the most sought after life coaches in the world, because they have built a reputation for helping others to achieve success. Some leading industry experts command huge sums of money helping celebrities to excel. Anthony Hopkins, the famous actor, is believed to use a life coach to achieve his goals, and there are many more. But even the best life coaches had to start somewhere. Before training many of them admit that they weren’t doing so well at life themselves. In fact some of them admit that they had hit rock bottom before they acquired the skills that enabled them to become a life coach. Training, dedication and determination propelled them to the top.

Country is China (CN):

Region is: Beijing

Cities are:  Anding Balidian Beifang Beijing Beijing Shi Changping Changxindian Changyang Chedaogou Daxing Dingfuzhuang Dongyuan Dongzhi Fangshan Fengtai Haidian Hebei Huairou Huangcun Jingezhuang Jiuxianqiao Jiyang Landianchang Liubo Lugouqiao Luozhuang Mentougou Moshikou Nanguan Nanjiao Nanyuan Niulanshan Panggezhuang Peking Shangwan Shangying Shayu Shijingshan Shiwo Shuitou Shunyi Sihai Sijiqing Taihu Tiankai Tongxian Tongzhou Tung Wanghua Wanping Xiaowu Xinghuo Yangfang Yanqing Yuzhuang Zhangxin Zhenzhuquan

Latitude: 39.9578947368421 Longitude: 116.307543859649